• Promoting heritage of India through education and research

    Heritage India Images is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of heritage of India. It is owned by "Heritage Trust" - a non-profit making charitable trust registered under Indian Registration Act. Heritage India Images not only provides a unique stock of images and footage on the heritage of India but also attempts to create awareness about the rich heritage of India. In its endevour of education and research on heritage of India, "The Heritage Society" - a voluntary organisation registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act - is an active partner of Heritage Trust.

  • Priority to education, research, publishing and tourism

    India Images specifically intends to fulfill the requirements of the education, research, publishing, media, travel and tourism sectors by providing high quality real life images for digital and print publications. It is believed that through its collections, Heritage India Images will contribute towards the appreciation and understanding of the Heritage of India - tangible and intangible. Keeping in view the composition and uniqueness of the images, they have been graded as economy, standard and special images and priced accordingly.

    In addition to the soft images, a provision of prints and framed prints of selected images has also been made at economical rates in order to promote the appreciation of heritage of India and its reach to people in India and abroad. The prints and framed prints available in different sizes will be useful for homes, cultural institutions, educational institutions, public and private offices, guest houses, hotels, libraries, museums etc.

  • A platform for creative photographers

    Heritage India Images is also a platform for the amateur and professiopnal photographers to display their quality and uniques images to the public at large and earn value out of them.It is hoped that in due course of time, more and more photographers will contribute towards this end.

  • A contribution to heritage of India

    And finally, the net proceeds from Heritage India Images are dedcated towards the preservation and promotion of heritage of India.

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